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My body of work ranges from writing novels, making short films, writing scripts, editing video essays and more. My portfolio is only growing with time, so feel free to check out some of my work below!


"I FOUND YOU" (2022) -


In late 2018 I began writing my first ever novel. In late 2022, this ambitious science-fiction epic will release on Amazon. I can't wait for you all to finally be able to read it!



Film Critic

In 2022 I began writing film reviews for the prestigious Australian Book Review magazine. I am honoured to have this opportunity and talk about the thing I love most: storytelling! Click on the image to check them out!


"SHOW REEL" (2020) -


My 2020 editing show reel, showing off bits and pieces of some of my best work!


"THE SOUND OF DEATH" (2018) - Writer, Actor

This music-fuelled slasher film is the work of a collaboration with director Michael Hollis, musician Jackson Hurwood, and more! Everyone deserves a good scare on Halloween, don't they?



- Editor

Ultimate Driving Tours offer exclusive and unforgettable driving holidays, motorsport packages and track events! Check out some of their videos I've edited on the attached YouTube channel!

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